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Computational 3D Imaging and Measurement Lab in the News

Project: Synthetic Wavelength Holography

Publication was covered in over 60 national and international research news outlets (amongst others Newsweek,, Scientific American,, Story was Northwestern’s #3 media story in the week of Nov. 18-24, 2021 with a total reach of 3.2 million people within this week.

See “News” section on project webpage for a list of articles and videos.

University News: Florian Willomitzer Receives NSF CRII Grant

The award will support the development of a new type of 3D camera and scanning system which combines biologically inspired event cameras with teachings from structured light 3D imaging.

Read full article here.

Video Interview: Portrait on German TV

Short report about our work on Non-Line-of-Sight imaging and portrait about Florian was aired on German (Bavarian) TV on 03/20/2022.
[German language only]
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Project: High-quality 3D imaging with Commodity Devices

Mobile Deflectometry system was used to diagnose ‘art acne’ in Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. Articles appeared in Science Mag, Spiegel*, Daily Northwestern, Smithsonian Magazine, and others.

See “News” section on project webpage for a list of articles, podcasts, and videos.

Project: Single-Shot 3D Movie Camera

Optics Express title image (OE 25(19), 2017)
OSA image of the week October 2017

Project: Fundamental Limits in Computational 3D Imaging

Paper on Limits of Holographic and Non-Holographic Acquisition of Surface Topography was featured on the cover page of Light: Advanced Manufacturing.

Project: Optical Characterization of Amorphous Thin Films

Paper about Optical Characterization of Amorphous Films is featured as cover page story in Coatings.

Project: Flying Triangulation

Interview Flying Triangulation (March 2013)
German with english subtitles