Intensity Interferometry-based 3D imaging

Intensity Interferometry-based 3D imaging

Depth sensing using thermal light sources

This project presents a 3D imaging device based on real thermal light intensity interferometry. The development of single-photon counting detectors and arrays has made tremendous steps in recent years, not the least because of various new applications in, e.g., LIDAR devices. By using gated SPAD technology, basic 3D scenes can be imaged in reasonable measurement time. Compared to conventional approaches, our method allows using more light modes to enhance 3D ranging performance. Advantages like robustness to atmospheric scattering or autonomy by exploiting external light sources can make this ranging approach interesting for future applications.


Intensity Interferometry-based 3D Imaging
F. Wagner, F. Schiffers, F. Willomitzer, O. Cossairt, A.Velten.
Optics Express 29(4), 4733-4745, 2021

Intensity interferometry-based depth ranging
F. Wagner, F. Schiffers, F. Willomitzer, O. Cossairt, A. Velten.
OSA Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging, 2020

Florian Willomitzer
Associate Professor